Buying Advice & Tips When Purchase a Drum

Jumping for a drum kit can be overwhelming. Two “integrated” packages can contain the same list of components, but prices range from $ 200 to $ 1,000.

When you buy drum kits, most of the information you want to know is not very useful, and you often sell drums to your drums or bassists or even the drum kits that they sell to you. This guide will provide you with some considerations, pay attention and any budget proposals.

What to consider when buying a drum

Working in different music stores, I can say that almost everything in the music store, based on the commission, is terrible. The system forces employees to sell products that are not suitable for customers, on the basis of which the products receive the highest commission. Unlike car dealers, sellers can only work at the price of their invoices. There are many factors that can influence what vendors recommend to you, ordered by the music store. The layout of musical instruments depends on many things.

For example, a music store can move a large number of devices from different manufacturers through one distributor, so there can be a big discount on its voluminous orders. Regardless of whether the brand suits you, sellers are more likely to sell products from these distributors, because they know that they have more opportunities to protect costs for the store.

In addition, manufacturers and distributors in the music industry often provide direct incentives for sellers or stores for individual products. For example, company A can offer a cash prize of $ 25 for each “Drumset B” or “Cymbal Pack C”, which the seller sells in September. So, regardless of whether these individual items are suitable for you, they will try to sell them as much as possible, and you do not know why it is so difficult for them to sell these individual products.

It is best to research online, read such articles (smart steps) and make a decision before you enter, or just make a purchase online. If you are concerned that the drums sent to your house may be damaged, the same shipping company will send them to the music store before assembly and display.

Set of one set of drums and film

No one, except the drummer who was assembling the drum sets. Usually you buy your bass drum and Tom together, your equipment is in parts or pack, and your drums are trapped. Despite the fact that you can replace some components, in some “integrated” packaging with small drums and hardware there is great value. The biggest factor to consider, in fact, not the shell itself, but hardware!

The first thing you need to do is to know exactly which equipment is included in the drum kit:

Buying a drum should not be confused. The standard package is equipped with two trusses, a hi-hat rack and a pedal. There is a good throne, excellent double farm support. To know that any one-in-one that carries cy 钹 will bring a cheap cy 钹, it sounds bad, and it will work almost immediately. Even if these brands are familiar, you want to replace them as soon as possible. Regardless of the fact that a solid machine with a dish should not influence your decision.

There are a lot of metal on the drum kit. Tighten the tabs at the top and bottom of each housing, tighten and loosen the drum screws, trusses, feet on the bass drum, pedals and pedals. The ease of use of your drum kit depends entirely on the quality of your metal parts. Enclosures only affect the sound quality. Your drum kit will probably be dismantled, moved and collected from time to time. Therefore, when it is recommended to buy a drum group of friends, I tend to those companies that produce high-quality and durable equipment.

The entry-level products Drum Workshop (DW) – Pacific Drums & Percussion (PDP) and Tama stand out in terms of equipment quality, which will be included in the all-in-one package. I bought Tama equipment for my drums in 2004, and since then I’ve performed a lot of performances, and I’ve never changed a single component.

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