How to Became a DJ – What you should need to know?

How to become a DJ? How can I become a DJ? What I need? Where should I go? Here are some of the common questions that we hear from readers. So you want to be a DJ? You want the crowd to give you every thought. You want to be a central scene and focus on yourself. You want to be an artist, but do not know where to start. We do not think too much about the details, mainly because it’s a very personal journey, but we can help you get started and give you some skills that you need to know and the skills you need to learn.

Let us know before we begin. It’s not just a new adventure that you start, it’s a lifestyle change. It does not matter why you want to be a DJ. Everyone has his own reasoning. This commitment to music, and few people can understand it, not to mention the game. Being a DJ is not because of a weak or introverted heart. He puts your soul there and tells the world, “It’s me who I am!” Holding the slings or arrows of haters or blackmailers who think you’re rubbish, or think they can do more than you do. OK. You will have to face some of the worst people who do not think that you are an artist, but as a tool for making money. If you can leave it all to yourself, you will find a satisfactory, complex, exciting and fun business.

Became a DJ

First of all, what did the DJ actually do? Basically, you are the one who plays music anywhere. It’s simple, but there are more of them. There are also masters of turntables, club DJs, DJs and mobile DJs. You can focus on one, but a good DJ should be able to work in these disciplines. If you decided to just become a club DJ, it’s all right. Remember, this is your career.

A basketball player who can shoot, but can not defend, jump, pass or dribble, will not participate in any team. Being a DJ is no exception. If you can mix different types of music, and you can change your style at any time, you will be given as many possibilities as possible. You also need to be proficient in mixing and producing software. This is probably the most difficult part. Contact the software. Learn about the tools provided by the software and how they work – this will help you get used to breaking the music.

Buying a suitable DJ device

If you like, you can take a high-class route, but the cost of the equipment can be added quickly. First of all, you need two players or CD players, software (if you want to digitize), speakers, headphones and two-channel mixers / controllers. This is a bare-bones system that has just started to be used. Being a DJ is expensive, and when it comes to some projects, you want to start thrift so you can sharpen your skills and develop your style without breaking the bank.

The broken handle of the needle and the agitator will be permanent, the needle is not very cheap, but the turntable should be new. If you plan to simulate, the record will also be displayed. If you decide to use numbers, you still need a player and a mixer, but you also need to use the software and the computer. A DJ player can be a vinyl or a CD, but if you decide to use digital technology, think about using a completely digital setting – this is the easiest way. The software can be cheap or expensive, so at the beginning you need to save money and start experimenting.

How to find out DJ equipment

Countless switches, buttons, sliders and dials can be a bit complicated at first, but once you understand what they are giving you, they will look like your brush. Start using DJ to improve your skills to do this, you should be happy with the controls. Let’s start with the controller. A universal DJ controller (read a few excellent guides for beginners) can be the easiest budget, although they range in price from $ 100 to $ 3,500. The functions of the DJ controller and vinyl player are almost identical, except that the vinyl player actually uses the recording. You do not need a controller for $ 3,500, or it’s very likely.

In just a few hundred dollars you will get everything you need to start mixing and recording songs. Currently, the new controllers are equipped with a LAN connection, which allows simultaneous connection of several devices. It is combined with software that allows you to access the loops you create, share music between devices and synchronize them. Sliding mode allows you to loop or scratch the sound on another song, while the rotary switch (or scroll wheel) allows you to scratch and erase music.

Tips on how to become a DJ

To become a DJ is really connected with contacts, with other DJs, promoters, crowds and even with yours. Come out and watch the work of other DJs. Most people do not mind if they know your serious attitude towards a lifestyle, and some will even answer questions. See how they use the device, change the rhythm and interact with the crowd. Observing their skills, each DJ has different controls and different modes of operation. Study them and go home and practice these methods. Do not remove the phone or shoot it. This is a business where someone shoots your film at work, and then puts the film on your site so that they can make money, this is a serious problem. Always ask first if they refuse, please do not get discouraged or challenge them (remember, it’s all about relationships). A club that often plays your favorite music.

As your skills grow over time, you can access other clubs that can play other music that you like, so you can diversify your choices, make yourself more connected with the crowd, feel that they are Atmosphere, musical rhythm and songs. The promoter is a hybrid package.


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